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Our Services

Web Design and Development

For the past 17 years, Rowbotham & Associates has been helping businesses of all sizes succeed on the Web. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, we will provide you with affordable and effective solutions that will meet your desired needs and goals. Our award-winning designers and developers use the very latest coding techniques, allowing your website to be adaptable on all platforms; Web, Mobile, and Tablet.

Mobile Application Development

According to app analytics firm Flurry, users will spend an average of 158 minutes a day on their smartphones and tablets. Of those 158 minutes, over two hours and seven minutes is spent in an app of some sort. If you're in need of iPhone app development, iPad app development, iOS app development or Android app development, Rowbotham & Associates is proud to have partnered with some of the best mobile application developers in the world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing, and Social Media

A well designed and easily navigated website is just the beginning to a successful online campaign. Our team of SEO experts at Rowbotham & Associates has years of online marketing experience and utilizes its' extensive industry knowledge to help move your website up throughout search engine rankings. In addition, we have also created our own online properties which will help increase your website's visibility and brand recognition. It's also vital that your business participates in some sort of social media; such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Staying in direct communication with your target audience is essential. We have the ability to create online marketing & traditional marketing campaigns that will keep you in constant communication with your clients on a regular basis.

Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) provides you with an amazing solution launched by the United States Postal Service to assist companies like yours to get their marketing materials directly into the hands of all those within their respective targeted areas. This is a great opportunity for realtors to market homes in a specific area, local businesses owners to offer coupons and other promotions to local residents, as well as politicians running for public office. The possibilities are endless!

Printing Services

Along with our mobile and online services, Rowbotham & Associates prouldy offers our clients an arrary of traditional printing services as well. Whether you're in need of logo/brand design, business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, booklets, newsprint, indoor/outdoor banners, signage, etc...Rowbotham & Associates can help assist you and your brand in all means of marketing and promotion.

Our Process

Rowbotham & Associates will begin your project by trying to learn as much about you and your business as possible. We will look at your existing business processes, your industry trends, your competitors, and your targeted demographic. We will also conduct a technical overview as well: Will you need eCommerce? Will you need a Content Management System (CMS)? Will you need anything out of the ordinary? Based upon the information compiled, we can then better assist you with developing a plan to help meet your overall goals and objectives for the project.
Once we have established a solid understanding of your needs, we will begin to construct your project's information architecture and outline. It is vital that all your information and content be properly displayed in a clear and logical manner, while staying true to your brand. To avoid any confusion, navigation and hierarchy must be laid out in an orderly fashion to avoid any "clutter". The overall design must be functional, practical and extremely easy to use by an end user.
Once the final design has been approved, we will then move your project forward to our production phase. Our highly-skilled developers will develop your project using the latest techniques to ensure excellent results. We will make sure that the final design is properly coded so that it will look good on devices of any size. In addition, we will install and setup any software and/or plugins that may also be required for things such as eCommerce, Content Management System (CMS), database design, etc.
Once your project has been coded we will begin testing it. We test it on multiple devices (web, phone, tablet), on various browsers (Safari, IE, Chrome, Opera, etc) and on Windows and Mac operating systems. Our goal is to assure that your project will work well across all platforms and a user's experience will be seemless on any device.
Now that your project has been outlined, designed, built, and tested, it's time to launch it. We'll make your project live to the world!
Websites don’t end once they're launched, it's an ongoing process. Rowbotham & Associates will conduct a search engine marketing campaign as well as other online marketing initiatives. We monitor your website's traffic and reports and use that information to see what's working, suggest new ideas, and make future changes.
Keeping your website's content fresh and up-to-date is essential to the success of your online campaign. Visitors will not frequent a website if they know the site's information isn't updated on a regular basis. Rowbotham & Associates has created various maintenance packages to assist you, leaving you with the opportunity to focus on your core business.